A Bit About Me

I am a creative individual continually looking for ways and opportunities to express myself. I am extremely resourceful and determined, and even if I don't know how to do something, I will find out.


Upcoming Projects

  • Series of acrylic paintings inspired by computer-generated fractal images.
  • Found object art sculptures and home decor.
  • I just learned how to solder and build an Arduino the other day!! Now to learn to program it and create my toy prototype. More info to come on this.

What’s New


Coming this later summer, early fall, I will be hosting/throwing a backyard tea party, staging and creating a scene with the many pieces I have collected. It's going to be a test event for my side business idea/goals.


I'm now hosting karaoke at The Medway Lotus in Medway, Ma, every other Friday night from 8pm-12am.